Cement sheet : price, use, size

What is cement sheet

Cement sheet is a manufactured in manufacturing unit, with the combination of material like reinforcing fiber and cement.

The combination of these material make a cement sheet, which is available in different size, thickness and quality.

Cement sheet is a modern d├ęcor material. We can use cement sheet in different purposes.

Cement sheet is available in varying thickness, enough of strength, durable, easy to cut, easy to screwing, etc. 

These kind of properties make cement sheet a versatile material.

Cement sheet sample image
Cement sheet sample

What is size of cement sheet?

Common cement sheet size is 2439x 1219 x 10 mm. Also, thickness of cement sheet are varying.

Cement sheet is available in thickness of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, etc. Based on use of cement sheet we can choose thickness accordingly.

Generally, standard cement sheet size is 4'x8'. 4 feet of width and 8 feet of length.

Based on use of cement sheet, we can make in manufacturing unit with different sizes.

Cement sheet
Cement sheet

What is price/cost of cement sheet?

20-30 Rs./sq. ft. Which means 8'x4' sheet of 6mm will cost you around 640 to 960 rs.

Rate of cement sheet will be higher if thickness is increased.

The price of cement sheet changing time to time and location wise.

Which is best cement sheet? 

Here are some of the reputed company who make good quality cement sheet.





Vnext fiber cement 


Jai kriti

What is use of cement sheet?

There are so many uses of cement sheet.

Wall, ceiling, duct, frame support for roof, dry partition in bathroom, exterior decorative wall, canopy.

Cement sheet for wall

We can use cement sheet in wall partition inside house. If the solid wall with plaster is not in proper line and level then we can make a small size frame of 2 to 3 inch of aluminum frame or MS frame or and then screwing a cement sheet after installing cement sheet we can do paint in cement sheet.

If your house has a exposed duct but if it is costly or difficult to do a masonry work in duct then we can make a frame of aluminum and install a cement sheet in duct for covering. We can even make cut out or openable door of cement sheet in a duct for maintenance purpose.

You can make bathroom partition of cement sheet. It is a good alternative of masonry wall if cost is concern.

Cement sheet for ceiling/roof

In exterior part of the house, we can use cement sheet in a multiple places. 

If your house is built already with color and other finishing item and if you want to do roof cladding then, you can make a frame of MS steel, then install cement sheet and in cement sheet you cad do light weight material cladding on it with proper chemical. 

In my site, I have also installed cement sheet in various parts of buildings.  

Practical use of cement sheet

Aluminum frame for cement sheet
Aluminum frame for cement sheet

MS frame for cement sheet
MS frame for cement sheet

Cement sheet cutting sample
Cement sheet cutting sample

Cement sheet use in canopy
Cement sheet use in canopy

Use of cement sheet
Use of cement sheet

Use of cement sheet final output
Use of cement sheet final output

Here in the above images, you can see an use of cement sheet in my site. I have made MS and aluminum frame before installing cement sheet.
Cutting the cement sheet wherever required for different sizes.
In this canopy. i have used cement sheet in both side above and below the frame. After cement sheet i have clamped ACP sheet for good look of lighting and color in this canopy.

Here are some of the Q & A regarding cement sheet.

Can we use cement sheet in exterior?

Yes, we can use cement sheet in exterior. As cement sheet is strong and durable we can use it on a multiple part of exterior of the house.

Which paint is best for cement sheet?

For making a mat or rough surface you can directly color on it. For making a glossy look you should apply putty, pop, laapi, etc. Like a normal solid wall.


Are cement sheet waterproof?

Cement sheet is not waterproof, it absorb water and dry it self. 

What is life of cement sheet?

Life or cement sheet may around 30-40 years. But, it depend on  living condition, like if some acidic material or some material which can damage cement sheet might decrease the life of cement sheet.


Cement sheet is versatile and modern material in the construction industry. we can use cement sheet after knowing the properties and use of it.
I hope you like this article. For any doubt or any trade you can contact me in mail.

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