Small house plan : Indian style small house design with photos

 Small house plan 

In this modern world, the planning of house design is also changing.

Now days smaller families are looking for low budget house or small house design for living in India.

Small size house can be built as a low cost house , depending upon the building techniques and material selection.

For smaller family, affordable house is the best option for living.

If you believe in vastu shastra, than you can choose you house design accordingly.

This article is for small house two story plans, you can follow my check my previous article based on modern single floor house design.

I have created examples of two story small house design plan with different design. So, you can use it for your reference. 

1. Small house design floor plan of 28'x35' ground floor

small house plan
Ground floor plan 1000 sq. ft.

In this small house plan, ground floor contain porch, parking and staircase at front. One master bedroom, living room, kitchen and dinning with one common toilet are provided.

You can adjust d├ęcor item like plantation, designer lighting in this small house design plan.

You can compare these floor plans with big size house floor plan.

Small house design floor plan of 28'x35' first floor

small house design plan
First floor plan with balcony

First floor of this 1000 sq. ft. small house plan contains three bedrooms, one big hall for family seating with balcony.

Small house design floor plan of 28'x35' second floor

small house plan two storey
Third floor plan 

In the terrace floor or second floor of this small house contain one store and one master bedroom.

2.Small house design floor plan of 14'x40' ground floor

small house plan design indian style
Ground floor plan small house

You can see an image of small house plan of around 550 sq. ft. area. One living room or hall and dinning and kitchen in the ground floor are provided.

Small house design floor plan of 14'x40' first floor

small house plan modern
Fist floor plan 560 sq. ft.

First floor of this modern small house plan contains one big hall and two bedrooms.

Small house design floor plan of 14'x40' second floor

best small house plan design
second floor plan 560 sq. ft.

Second floor of this small house plan layout contain one bedroom and hall with half terrace.

3. Small house design floor plan of 24'x36' ground floor

Small house plan under 1000 sq ft
Ground floor plan 24'x36'

This small house plan under 1000 sq. ft. contain combine kitchen dinning, living area, and two master bedrooms.

Small house design floor plan of 24'x36' first floor

beautiful small house design
First floor plan 24'x36'

24 x 36 small house plan first floor planned with two master bedroom, hall with balcony and office with balcony.

Small house design floor plan of 24'x36' second floor

small house plan 3 bedroom
Terrace floor plan 24'x36'

In the second floor of this small house, only one master bedroom is provided.

Here are some questions and their answers regarding this article:

What is a small size house?

Less plot size area, or less than 600-1000 sq. Ft size house can be called as small size house. 

For example in mega cities, if the average house size is 1000 sq. ft. and if your house is 600 or 500 sq. ft. Than we can consider it as a small size houses.

how can I design a small house?

For designing small house, you should have drawing concept regarding your house. You can use some reference image or learn some basic theories related to design of small house. You can read my previous blogs for your reference.

what type of house is cheapest to build?

As I said above, a small size house can be cheapest to build  if you design it wisely and execute the construction with proper consultation or guidance.

how can I make my home beautiful?

For making your house beautiful, you have to keep in mind some of the factor like, interior, exterior of house, solid walls pattern, elevation design, planning of house furniture, color combination, plantation, make more natural as natural things looks good compared to materialistic things, etc.


From the above article it is clear that making small house plan is best options for small families to live in.

I hope you like these small house plans.

For elevation plan you can contact me in mail.

For best small house plan according to vastu shastra you can suggest me a new plot size and I will publish the floor plans.

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