Simple 1 bhk house design plan and elevation for 2024 (800 sq.ft.)

Simple 1 bhk house design : Elevation, floor plan, interior and structural plan

Welcome to my blog. Today, we will talk about how to design and study the requirements of two story or double story 1 bhk house with all the required drawings.

What rk,1 bhk, 2 bhk, 3bhk, 4 bhk, 5 bhk house ?

Rk means a house which contains room and kitchen, 1 bhk means a flat or house which contains 1 room,1 hall and 1 kitchen, with increasing the bhk numbers numbers, number of bedroom will also increase.2bhk - 2 bed, 1 kitchen, 1-hall,same for 3,4, and 5.  

How much square feet of 1 bhk house cover or what is the size of 1 bhk house ?

Depending the size of room, hall and kitchen square feet of the house will be varies.

Which one is better 1 bhk or 2 bhk ?

Depending upon the family size or room requirements you can choose the numbers of room and size. 

Now, moving forward, following is the different drawing section of the house.

  1. Floor plan
  2. Elevation design
  3. Structural plan
  4. Interior plan

1. 1 Bhk floor plan

Ground floor floor plan of 1 bhk house
Ground floor

We have total plot size of 24 x 34 feet in the ground floor.

This house is located at the corner of the society. thus, we have two side open area one is at West side and second at south side of the plan which can be used as balcony at the upper floors.

In this plan, I have provided two shops for the rental purpose and small parking for the owner.

The size of shops and parking can be adjusted as per your need.

Now, lets move on to the first floor of this 1 bhk house plan.

Floor plan of first floor
First floor

At the first floor of the house, resident for the owner is provided.
Big size Hall, master bedroom, kitchen, common bathroom and toilet is provided.

380 sq ft hall is placed at the entrance of the first floor of this house with beautiful ceiling and furniture.
Hall provided at the west side of the plan with front side balcony.

At the hall area, we can provide loose and fixed furniture for the beautification of the interior part of the house.
Stylish showpiece item can boost the charm of the house.

Flooring, rug, wall color, furniture with color combination can also impact the beauty of the hall.
Beauty of the house is also depend on your choice of color, tiles patterns, laminate selection, designer light selection, etc.

Air conditioner can be provided at the ceiling or wall depending on your needs.
At the south 

126 sq. ft. of bedroom with attached toilet is provided.
Decorative curtain, dressing unit, wardrobe, AC paneling is provided for comfort living and charming interior design.

2.Elevation design

Elevation design
Elevation design

Elevation design g+1
Elevation - white combo

I have created three options for house elevation design for this 1 bhk house.

I have selected first one which is brown-white color combo for exterior of the house.
Small balcony at stair side and front side balcony is provided at the first floor of this house.

Grooving pattern in plaster with different color combination will make house exterior more beautiful.
Also, lighting in exterior part of this house will give a boost in aspect perspective.

Future floor extension option is also provided in this house design.

Front view and side view of this elevation design is shown in below images.

Elevation - side view
Elevation side view

Front elevation design
Front elevation design

3.Structure detail

Beam columns design
columns- Beam ground floor

In this ground floor, plinth beam is provided at the plinth level.

Beam size of 9x12 to 9x18 inch is provided at various locations of the house as per design load calculation.

Columns and beam detail
Columns-beam first floor

Slab thickness of 125 mm is provided with slab size of 9x12, 9x15 and 9x18 inch at first floor and terrace slab.

Beam and column location with dimensions is provided.

4.Interior plan

Furniture of tv unit for hall
TV unit design
Here you can see the furniture (TV unit) drawing with detailed dimensions. 
This TV unit is 8 feet wide and 7 feet in height.

TV can be arranged at 40-45 inch in height from the flooring level to the center of the TV. 
Shelf size can be varies from 13 to 18 inch depending on the scale of the TV unit furniture.
TV unit is arranged in hall with decorative items.

TV unit can be made with back painted toughened glass, wood, Corian decorative material, MDF, laminates, show piece item and designer lighting in shelf.

There are lot of TV unit design available which can be made depending upon your choice.
This TV unit presentation is made in 2d cad design, you can practice it in 3d rendering software like sketch up, 3d max, etc.
Temple or pooja room detail
In this particular image, small pooja temple for home with dimensions and section is shown.
Dimension of this small temple is 2'6" x 7' feet.

Random grooving pattern in wooden MDF ply with PU polishing with white color will make this temple looks amazing.

Drawing of ceiling
Ceiling detail
Plan and section for false ceiling is shown in the image above.

Gypsum board is used in this first floor in this house.

According to available height, different levels of the false ceiling is taken.

Grooving pattern in the false ceiling is not taken due maintenance and budget issue.

Color and designer light combination should be used as per selection from the material catalogue. 
Wooden work in the ceiling is provided along horizontal side at beam bottom, which give pleasant look at the hall area.

Proper fittings of board with quality screw will make the false ceiling looks perfect in shape.

Depending upon the budget of the house, you can choose the design.

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