What is RCC and PCC? it's application, full form, advantages in civil engineering field

What is RCC & PCC?

In this modern era, we are much more consuming the concrete. It is the second most consumed item after water.
Concrete is very easy to cast but it is very necessary to cast it technically perfect to achieve the desired strength and make it perfect for use. 
In the construction industry, RCC is considered as a structural member and PCC is considered as a non structural member. Question arrives why this difference? Let's discuss about PCC and RCC in civil engineering filed.

What is full form of RCC in construction or in civil engineering?

Full form of RCC is reinforced cement concrete

What is full form of PCC in civil engineering?

Full form of PCC is plain cement concrete 

RCC footing image with PCC and RCC
RCC footing

What is RCC?

As name suggests, reinforced cement concrete (RCC) is the concrete member which contains reinforced rebars to achieve desired tensile strength in cement concrete.

Concrete :

Concrete is a component made from combination of cement, sand, aggregate and water.
If we analyze the properties of a concrete we can find a great comprehensive strength but very less tensile strength on concrete.
To fulfill the requirement of this tensile strength in concrete member, we can insert a steel reinforcement (which have a high tensile strength) during casting of concrete, we will get a higher comprehensive strength as well as tensile strength on that concrete. Thus, this reinforced concrete can be called as a reinforced cement concrete (RCC).
We can change the properties of concrete by adding the adding the admixture, plasticizer, super-plasticize, etc.
Following is the image of casting the RCC concrete slab in a framed structure.

RCC slab casting work
RCC slab casting

Why we need RCC ?

Mainly, There are two types of structures, one is load bearing and second is framed structure.
There are limitations in load bearing structure, as we can not more floors in load bearing structures. Because of floors limitations framed structure take the place.
In framed structure, loads coming from the structure is distributed in the members of the structure and make the structure safe and also, we can built so many floors in load bearing structures.
Different members of the structure have individual roles and all the members act as a single unit and make a structure, that is framed structure.
This member needs high tensile as well as high compressive strength to resist the load coming from the structure.
That's why the reinforced cement concrete is needed.

What is RCC framed structure?

As we discussed earlier, the RCC framed structure is a type of a structure which have a different member (beams, columns, etc.) as per requirements and make a single skeleton type structure this structure is called as RCC framed structure.

How load will transfer in RCC framed structure 

In RCC framed structure, load is transfer from slab to beam, beam to column, column to footing, and footing to earth.

RCC framed structure elements or members

RCC framed structure contains following structural member which transform the load.

  • Slab
  • Beams
  • Columns
  • Footing 
  • Shear wall
  • RCC wall/pardi

What is application of RCC?

RCC is used in following structures.
  • Housing projects
  • High/low rise building 
  • Bridges
  • Tunnel
  • Overhead/underground water tanks
  • Chimney 
  • Culvert, etc.

What is PCC?

PCC is plain cement concrete, which does not contain steel mesh/steel road(reinforcements).
PCC have high compressive strength and low tensile strength.
It is not used in RCC framed structure as a structural member.
PCC is used where strong, even and smooth surface is needed.
PCC is less durable as compared to RCC.
PCC is more economical than RCC as the cost of reinforcement is included in RCC.
PCC of a footing

Application of PCC 

Flooring base: to create a strong and even surface, PCC is generally used as a flooring base.
Road pavement base: to strong foundation of a bituminous or asphalt layer in road construction, PCC is used as a foundation material for road.
Footing base: PCC is used as a foundation material for footing base to create even and strong surface.
Also, PCC is used as a non structural member in RCC framed structure.

Comparison between RCC and PCC 

Footing casting work
Footing casting PCC & RCC



Reinforced cement concrete

Plain cement concrete

It contains, cement, sand, aggregate, steel, water

It contains cement, sand, aggregate and water

It has high tensile and compressive strength

It has very much less tensile strength and high tensile strength

Cost of RCC is high

Cost of PCC is low

More durable

Less durable

It is used as a structural member in framed structure

It is used as a non-structural member in framed structure

Shock resistance is more

Shock resistance is less

Weight is less

Weight is more

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