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Are you finding the best design on small house design? Welcome, in this website i post many articles on design of house.

In this era, small house is a best option for a small family, working professionals, small investments, etc.

Small house designs are connected with budget also. People often thinks that small house requires a small amount of money to built it. yes, it is possible but you have to design it wisely to save your money to make your dream house.

How to deal with budget for small house design?

Money involves in RCC of small house design RCC of small house design is less because the total built up area is less.

Suppose the average plot size of the small house design is 500 sq. ft. And cost of small house design is 2000 Rs. Per Sq. Ft. Then, total cost of building a small house is 10 lacs. As the plot size increases the total cost of a house will also increase.

To minimize the cost of house, followings are the key points you should keep on mind 

  • Design should be economical for construction.
  • Site location should be easily accessible (for, transportation, material availability, etc.)
  • Don't choose to much costly interior items.
  • Hire a good contractor, engineer and architect.
  • Use adaptive construction techniques.
  • Plan and design before starting the construction of house
  • Water, electricity should be easily available
  • Numbers of floors should be less

What is small house elevation design?

small house design is a house which contains the plot size less than 1000 sq. ft.

Having a beautiful house is a blessing of God. 

There are so many types of elevation design of house are available but you can choose the right elevation design based on your choice. 

Let's see the detail of our first small house elevation design from the list.  

1.Textured house: two floor house elevation design 

small house front elevation design indian style
G+2 small house front elevation design

As you can see the beautiful photo of a small house elevation design of a g+2 floor house.

This house is designed in small house category because it has a bit square type of space.

Textured color is the main focus on this small house elevation design.

In this small house design, garden margin is provided on both side of the plot which is 15 feet on right side and 12 feet on left side of the house.

If you have less space then you can cut out that garden part and you can provide a parking space at the ground floor of the house.

There are two floors in this house plan. hence, Parking is provided at the Ground floor.

Beautiful textured wall on this small house elevation design is provided at the ground floor and left side section.

At the first floor, standing balcony with beautiful wooden partition is provided to enhance the beauty of this small house elevation design.

Also, elevation design on second floor is best combination in this small house.

Color combination can be vary as per your choice.

Moving forward to our next small house elevation design.

2.Classical curvy balcony : G+1 small house elevation design

simple small house front elevation design
G+1 small house front elevation design

Above design is a small house front elevation design of G+1 house.
Grey-white color combination with light orange textured plaster increase the beauty of this house.

Beautiful plantation at the entrance of the house also enhance the beauty of the house and make the house environment positive.
The size of this small house design is 18 x 36 feet.
let's see the isometric view of this house.

simple house elevation design
3D isometric view of g+1 house design

From this isometric view of this small house, we can say that this house design is best for small house resident.
Moving further, let's see the detail of the third small house design from our list.

3."Input -bricks, output -bricks": small house design with brick texture

Do you like the classical brick wall without plaster? but, wondering about the technical cons of this civil material? then  here is the modern solution. A brick textured house is best for people who like the brick wall.

small house elevation design
Brick texture small house front elevation design

Above small house design contains the one hall & kitchen at the ground floor and one bedroom at the first floor in the house with the amazing terrace garden.

The plot size of this small house is 16 x 35 feet.

Natural elements like plants, trees, etc. can be placed at the free spaces in the house.

Grey or white shaded granite at the flooring is the best finishing option for small house. 

small house elevation design single floors
3d picture of the small house
Above image is the presentation in the isometric view of this small house design, you can see the symmetry of the house.
as this house is small but we have a space at the terrace. so, we can utilize this space for a living.

indian small house elevation design terrace garden latest
terrace garden
Spacious terrace can be utilized for boosting your mood at the early morning and the evening.
beautiful terrace garden with enough of moving space is provided in the above house design.
Planter, grass, garden wall, gazebo, and furniture, etc. this item is provided in the terrace floor.
Combination of all this item increase the Chamness of the terrace garden and make it more comfortable for a living. 
Moving forward to our last G+1 small house design in this article.

4.20 x 40 feet house design

simple house front design
g+1 indian style house elevation design 

Here is the design of g+1 small house design with the spacious balcony at the first floor.
highlighted white colored strap increase the symmetry of this house.
Sitting balcony increase the living comfort and black figured granite on wall increase  the beauty of the house.

house elevation design indian
3d elevation house design

Above is the 3d view of the indian style small house elevation design.

In this article we have seen the different design of small houses in modern era.

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