Low cost Village house design: Simple indian style house design for 2024

Simple low cost village house design with photos for 2024


Welcome again in this informative blog with a new design post on low cost Village house design.

I hope you and your family are doing well in your life.

Designing your house with accurate plot size will give you more perfection in completion or executing project. 

I have designed this low cost Village house drawing based on plot size of 70'x70' (4900sq.ft.) With 3d elevation design and floor plan details.

Eye catching elements in the house design

Low cost village house design front view
Front view village house design

You can see the simple Village house front elevation design in this photo.
It looks amazing in the rendered view.

There are five eye catching elements from the top view in this simple Village house design.

You can see the symmetrical arrangements of each element to make this house design extra special.

Main five elements in this house design are residence, garden, swimming pool, gazebo sitting, and parking.

This village house design have three living components one at center and other two at the left and right side.

Brown-white color combo in this elevation design of Village house make it perfect color combination.
Medium side main door at front side of house is placed for ease of access.

Following is the specification of all compartments in this low budget simple village house design.



Sq. ft.


Total plot







Two floors








Three four-wheelers




Small sized

Combination of all the members in this house make it more beautiful and attractive village house design.

Blossom Greenery in the design of house 

Low cost village house design indian style 3d view
View inside the house

Depending upon the location of your house, you can choose some good plants, trees and lawn in your house design.
Here you can see the 3d photo(inside) of this simple village house design. A view from the sitting area to the front side house design.
Having greenery in your house make your life more peaceful and you feel connected to the nature.
Choose your plants and trees wisely to live a comfortable and happy life. This arrangements can be modified as per your needs.

Technically strong and eco- friendly systems with ease

It is very essential to provide modern house systems like solar panel, rain water or storm drainage, plumbing, electrical, harvesting system, water drainage, RO, security, etc. for living comfort.

Depending availability of this modern house system facilities, choose it as per your needs and make your house a smart house.

Decide and Install such systems in your house as per your construction budget.

Limit your amenities will make your house a low cost house for living in village

Inside elegance: symmetrical arrangements 

Simple low budget village house design indian style 3d view
3D view of village house design

Here is the low cost Village house design photo from the inside of the house.

You can see the spacious otta with beautiful view of the village house design.

As I mentioned above, symmetrical arrangements of all the compartment looks very beautiful in the house design.
Garden with a colorful plants and trees make the village house design more stylish and modern.

Do comment your views for this photos. 

Front village house elevation design 

Low budget village house design front view with compound wall
Simple village house elevation design

This is front house elevation design photo from outside of the compound wall.
6 to 8 feet long compound wall can be placed in the village house design.
Vertical grown trees can be planted at front side of the village house design.

Front side elevation is very important as people can judge your choice by your house. hence, we can say that it is the shadow of your personality.
Now, let's talk about the blueprint of resident area of this simple and low budget village house design for 2024.

Top view: Floor plan of village house design

Simple low cost village house design plan view
Top view: Village house design

Simple low budget village house design plan
Floor plan of village house design

Here you can see the 3d floor plan of the simple village house design.
As you can see the above floor plan of this village house design, two separate residences is designed in single house design.
One residence is at the left side (1st) and another one is at the front side (2nd) in this village house floor plan. guest room is provided at the right side of the house which entry is separated from this two house.
Let's understand internal arrangements of this simple village house design.

1st House key-specification:



Sq. ft.





L-shaped sofa, rug




With attached toilet









In this 1st house (left sided), living hall, kitchen, and dinning is provided without any partition to utilize full space in the house. Common toilet is also provided in this floor plan.
One master bedroom of 132 sq. ft. of size which is standard size for bedroom is provided.
Access of the staircase could be done in both the house if required.
Moving ahead let's discuss the floor plan of the front side house design.

2st House key-specification:



Sq. ft.






Master Bedroom







Hall - Attached

Guest room



Separate entry








Big size sitting/standing

the central residence house (2nd house) is bigger as compared to the left side house.
One master bedroom of 240 sq. ft. which is large room is provided in this floor plan.
Hall, kitchen, and dinning is provided without partition in bigger size.
L-Shaped sofa with beautiful center table with some good d├ęcor items can increase the Chamness inside the house.
Having a good color combination with scaled wooden and movable item placements fill the happiness for living in this house.
Pooja room or placements of any other compartments can be done if you required any.
Also, you can joint the guest room in this house if you have big family or you need that room with access from inside.
Second floor in this house can be designed as per your need.

Now, let's discuss some questions regarding the simple village house design.  

What make the village house more beautiful?

Having plants, trees, sitting with natural beauty, strong facility system, modern touch in exterior as well as interior part of the house, and spacious house will make Village house design a far more beautiful than city.

How to design low cost village house design?

  • Make a symmetrical design
  • Provide spacious compartment in house design
  • Reserve space for sitting 
  • Choose a right and needful materials only
  • Hire a good architect, engineer and contractors, vendors.
  • Create a design based on your location.

How to decorate your house?

For decorating the house, you should mainly focus on rate analysis and design of your house.
Depending on your budget, create design-theme and select items wisely.

Which house design is best?

Simple house design with a modern touch is best design nowadays.

Which side the main door should be?

Main door should be placed at front side of the house. It should be easy to access.


From above Low budget village house design photos we can say that having house like in the village is great blessing from god.
Planning, Designing, execution of the house with creative ideas make your house a low budget and simple village house for a living.
If you have any doubt regarding this article you can comment below or E-mail me.
Any suggestion related to design with specific side are also welcome in the discussion section. 

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