house front design indian style : elevation, floor plan (1400 sq. ft.)

House front design: Indian style - 32'x43'

House design:    G+2
Design type:       3D with floor plan
Plot size :           32'x43' feet
Square feet:       1400 sq. ft.

Two floor house design-plot size of 32' x 43' feet 


Welcome again, in this blog article we will discuss about the modern house design of two floor(g+2),  floor plan design of house.

This house design have plot size of 32'x43' feet in size which is nearly equal to 1400 sq. ft.

In this indian style two story house design have 10 feet height in ground floor and same height in first and second floor.

Clear height (without false ceiling) is taken 9.5' feet in all three floor.

First, let's talk about the exterior part which is called elevation of this indian style house design.

Front elevation design of two story house:

House front design indian style
House font design indian style

From the above image, you can see the front house elevation design with amazing rendered view.

While designing the elevation design of this house, style, functionality, color combination, elegance, modernity, kept in mind.

As you can see this house is a two story (g+2) building, in this ground floor there is parking at the front side, while first floor contains the standing balcony and second floor contains open terrace with gazebo.

On the left side of this house front elevation design, grooving pattern in 8 feet thick wall is provided for preventing the plastering cracks and boost the impact of elegance. Also, decorative exterior wall light and bit greenery is provided for make this house more beautiful.

Color palette of bright orange shade color with white highlighted color for contrast combination is chosen for sophistication and warmth, as color combination plays vital roles in elevation design of the home.

14 feet long metal gate matching with the color and texture of this front elevation design is provided.

Extending the living space, modern and stylish balcony is also provided at the first floor of the house.

Open terrace with gazebo provides more space for the living. hence, I have reserved some space for open terrace living in this house front elevation design.

Enjoying the surrounding atmosphere with amazing view make a good mood at coffee time and peaceful in the evening time.

Placing the selective planters for good breathing, boosting mood, helps in elegance of house design, vibrant blooms.

Spiral staircase is also make this house design a beautiful and modern house design at the front part of the house.

Side elevation design or two story house:

House side elevation design indian style
House side elevation design indian style

Above picture is about the side elevation of indian style house design. Which contains beautiful view of nature and front and back side balcony view.

Ground floor have the easy access to the garden and house entry part.

garden is provided in the right side and back side of this modern house design indian style.

In this first floor of this house design, One window in the kitchen and backside balcony at the wash area is provided, you can also provide one window at the hall area.

Second floor of this house design contains the full size window in the bedroom. One small size window can be adjusted at the store area of the second floor of this house to prove the ventilation. 

Moving forward to isometric or 3D view of this indian style house design.

Isometric or 3D view of the indian style house design:

House isometric design indian style
House isometric design indian style

3D view is provided in this article for more detailed understanding the design of this two story indian style house design.

Having a house like this is a dream for everyone to live a luxury life in this modern era.

For better understanding the arrangements of room compartments, I have provided floor plan of this G+2 house design below.  

Modern house floor plan design of two story house:

Ground floor plan design:

GF: House floor plan design
Ground Floor: House floor plan design

Floor plan of a ground contains parking, otta, master bedroom and lawn area with flower bed near wall.

In this plan, I have arranged only one master bedroom. If in your family there are old age people, who can not go upstairs. Then this option is best for you.

If you want to design a house with the use of  full carpet area, then it will look more congestion.

I have designed this house for make you life more comfortable in living.

A medium size greenery area in a ground floor make your life connected to the beauty of nature in this era.

In lawn area, there are so many modern decoration ideas are available to utilize the size with that décor item, but in case if you like simplicity then this modern house plan design is perfect for you.

First floor plan design:

First Floor: House floor plan design
First Floor: House floor plan design

Now, let's come to the main living which is first floor of this simple and modern house design.

First floor of this modern house design contains hall/living room with dinning space, kitchen, wash area, master bedroom, Pooja room and 4 feet wide balcony.

In this simple house design, two sides have view from the window, thus air ventilation issue is not present.

This modern house plan have easy access to all the compartment.

Spacious living room is located perfectly to utilize the natural view and air ventilation.

Basic arrangements or location of basic furniture/ interior items are shown in this floor plan, depending upon your needs and taste of décor item, you can change it after construction of RCC in this house.

You can further modify this floor plan in finishing stage and complete the project.

Moving forward, we are now discussing about the second floor of this simple house design.

Second floor plan design:

Second Floor: House floor plan design
Second Floor: House floor plan design

Peaceful living is kept in mind while designing the second floor plan in this modern house design.

A big size 14'x16' feet master bedroom is provided at the second floor of this simple house design.

One store room is also provided in this house design.

Partial open terrace is provided for sitting and to be connected with beauty of natural environment.

In this open terrace we can add more decorative item for make this house more elegance.

Terrace garden, cantilever or simple gazebo with sitting arrangement can be placed.

Sitting in the morning with natural sunlight and also relaxing at evening with nature's beauty will give you the boost in life.


From above article, we have seen some beautiful pictures of house front design indian style and discussed how this design is more powerful in functioning as well as its looks.

For structure design and estimate of this house, you can visit my previous article for your reference.

You can contact me for more design like this and also, you can mail me for your desired design.  

Contact me for any quarry related to this article.

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